I am going to write up my summary of Panama. This isn’t going to be a typical monger report because I didn’t engage in that much. I nailed the same Colombian twice and the rest of the time I wasn’t interested. Which I’ll explain later.

There Are Choices

I’ll start by saying there are lots of choices provided you are an evening monger and don’t mind starting later.

There are two main venues in Panama City for mongering. The Veneto Hotel and Casino and Habano’s. Both are close to each other and an easy 5 to 10 minute walk which is safe at night. In fact, some of the girls rotate between the two of them.

Each venue gets started at different times. Still, neither are day time places and you are going to need to be a bit of a night owl to get a decent selection.

The Veneto

The Veneto gets started at 8 PM when they start letting the girls in. You may luck out during the day if you are willing to sit around for the one or two girls that get in during the day but if not you start at 8 when they let the girls in. Things are a trickle at first but the girls will still steadily appear. They range in looks from 1 to solid 8’s.

90% of the girls are Colombian with about 5% from the Dominican and the last 5% mixed in. I met two Cubans on different days and both were attractive. Saw a few others mixed in and could only guess their nationalities.

The girls can be found sitting at the bar in small groups or at tables in similar groups. They also float around the casino primarily at the slot machines. For the most part you approach them and start running your program on them. Very few will approach you directly. So you have to be proactive instead of reactive.

Rates are going to be $150 or more for an hour and what you want. You can negotiate down. Spanish helps and having a personality.


Habano’s is an open air cafe/bar across from the Marriott if you need a landmark. While they are open at 8 PM it’s pointless to go there because it will be empty. The girls start to show up at 9 PM and there is some decent talent in there. However, things start to get jumping at 10 PM and the girls will continue to trickle in till around Midnight or so then things start to thin out as the girls get picked up for the evening. They are open till 2 or 3 AM and I have heard you can still roll in and get a girl but selection is limited.

There are some true stunners in Habano’s and I would give some a solid 10 provided you aren’t some anal retentive asshole. The girls stand mainly near the entrance displaying their wares and circulate around the bar standing at strategic locations. Again, you are going to need to be proactive instead of reactive here and make the first move.

The rates can go from $150 or more similar to Veneto. You can get them down to $100 or around $120.

What Do You Get

Your sessions are going to be for around an hour give or take. Depends on how fast you move in the room. Don’t expect GFE unless you are negotiating it and then really, you are negotiating it so how good is it going to be?

Everything tends to be covered as a rule. I know of gentlemen that have gotten BBBJ but for the most part its safety first. Most sessions are rather standard and nothing stands out. You are fucking a trophy and while I know of guys that get the GFE and PSE most guys are just out to get a nut with a beautiful girl. These are mostly older mongers who just enjoy having a young woman for a bed companion.

Where To Stay

I have stayed at two places in Panama. The Hyatt Place and the Veneto.

The Hyatt Place was very nice, quiet and super chill. Staff were great and the amenities very decent with the costs reasonable. It’s central to both the Veneto and Habano’s and you can walk to either.

The Veneto is a dump and they are supposedly charging a $50 guest fee now. Sure its $48 a night but if you take one to your room your rate goes to $90.

There are other hotels that are guest friendly and I would check the ISG for more info. I can tell you the Marriott across from Habano’s appears guest friendly as I watched two guys pull a girl and take them back. Checked in at the desk and off to the room.

The one thing you need to keep in mind about Panama City is that they want you to keep your activities low key. Don’t come into the hotel with a harem of whores because they mainly cater to non-mongers. Be discrete and keep things respectable and you won’t have a problem.

Daytime Activities

From everything I know about Panama City it isn’t designed for daytime mongering. I’m sure you can call in escorts from the various sites such BackPage and Craigslist and maybe some of the local site. I know Lee did and he enjoyed his results. There are also a few massage parlors but I never really investigated or looked into them.

Other Venues

I did take a trip to Elite II which is a strip club close to Habano’s. It’s $30 entrance and all you can drink. The girls drinks are separate and it gives you a lap dance with full contact. They stayed dress but there are no restrictions for where your hands can roam. There appears to be full service available because I would see guys go to a window with a girl and then disappear. I didn’t partake so I can’t tell you prices or whats included.

There is also know of Golden Times and only went there briefly 2 years ago. It’s a “gentleman’s massage” place where you go in and sit in a chair and the girls are brought out. You then make a selection and go from there. Didn’t partake so can’t tell you.

Over All Panama Experience

To state I am not the demographic for Panama is correct. I understood that going into this adventure. I went to hang out with Lee and do my photography stuff. Sure I was in the prostitute venues every night and I did have two sessions but that wasn’t my goal. I watched what was going on around me and enjoyed the experience for what it was.

There are some absolute stunners in Panama and as I indicated if you go for beauty over performance then this is the place for you. If you are a guy that doesn’t demand a lot of 24/7 action and needing to get laid constantly then check out Panama. There is lots to do during the day, great dining experiences if you are a foodie, and its a relativity low on the monger radar destination where you can go and still monger but not get flagged for being a degenerate.