If you are thinking that this is going to about blowjobs I got bad news. No, I had a dental procedure, hence the oral fun.


I write this with my jaw swelling and still leaking blood. It’s like going down on a girl while she’s on the rag.

It’s not fun right now so that means writing isn’t fun right now. Just want to close my eyes and chill out while waiting for everything to calm the hell down in my mouth.

If You Care

Wondering why I have a hole in my mouth? I was eating some trail mix and I hear a crunch. Feel around with my tongue and there is a giant ass crack in my tooth. This prompted a dental appointment.

My choices were a crown for the last tooth in my mouth or just pulling it. After reviewing the photos and xrays I figured pull it. I am happy I did because the minute any pressure was put on the tooth it shattered. Plus, the warranty on a crown would do me fuckall in Thailand.

Moving On

With my oral fun I am not really in the mood to write. So forgive me while I convalesce. Don’t worry, I am 22 days out from wheels up. Things will get more interesting.