I am now cruising towards the final hours before my Mom gets here. I have dubbed it Operation Mama Spanky.

Over The Atlantic

As I write this I am tracking her flight and she’s over the Atlantic. She went up the East Coast of US and Canada and will go over Europe and then drop down into the Middle East. She went out of Miami via Qatar Air. Was an hour and 40 minutes delayed but it still looks like she will land on time.

I honestly have forgotten how old my mother is, I am not too good at birthdays but think she’s 74 now. Shit if I know. However, the smart thing I did was get her wheelchair assistance all the way through. While she’s mobile, international airports in Asia and in Middle East are massive. It just made better sense to just plop her in a wheelchair and get her rolled through.

Once she lands in Bangkok she will be on a VIP access through immigration, then it’s grab her bags and a 90 minute haul to Pattaya. My ass will be ragged after doing over 3+ hours of driving and leaving Pattaya at 3:30 in the morning to get her for her 5:30AM landing.

If It Could Fuck Up Is Has Fucked Up

Originally I was supposed to pay for the condo last week. That got missed due to unexpected death and cat sitting. So I had to pay for it yesterday. Also due to unexpected death I no longer had a free car to use while my Mom is here.

One thing about Thailand is that cars are stupid expensive. They slap a massive import fee on them so renting one is equally as expensive. Tracking down a reputable rental agency was a tough one. It isn’t like there is a Hertz or Avis around the corner. Well, there is an Avis but they will fuck you on insurance so kinda pointless. So tracked down a place near my new place and paid for the car and slapped down a 5000 Baht deposit. Total rental fee was 12500 Baht. I get the 5000 Baht back because that had to be in cash.

With that out of the way logistics of getting the car were worked out. Motorbike taxi to Jomtien. Got the car back to my current place and no fucking parking. So I improvised, took it to where my Mom is staying and parked it there and took a motorbike taxi back. Its a better idea because I can then just jump on my bike and head back to my room once she is settled and get some sleep.

So Why Do You Care

If you are like me, you would not care. What I am preparing you for is me likely going missing. I will try and keep pace with the site but trying to squeeze in my other shit and my Mom is where something has to give. So its a heads up that I may miss a few days here and there.

I will try and write on the 13th as it will be my one year anniversary of living in Thailand. Yes, I will have survived 1 full year as an expat. If it’s allowed I will try and give my thoughts on it.

Rest of the time, it’s going to be a crapshoot.

Operation Mama Spanky Ending

I have to take my Mom to Bangkok again on the 24th so she can fly back to the US. Don’t envy her. I don’t miss those shitastic 20+ hour flights. Even in business or first class, they still suck. If you can sleep great, if you can’t well it’s just misery. One thing working in her favor is both her flights are evening flights out so she should sleep. For me, when I did it only my flight out was a night flight.

Once Operation Mama Spanky ends I will then focus on moving to my new place. Then it will be settling in and getting used to a whole other area that I am not that familiar with. Then things should return to normal posting schedule.

Wish me luck, I have 12 days with my mother!