So yes, no update as planned.  I royally fucked up the site last night and I had to call in the resevers at  Really, Tee is a fucking god and I have offered her any first born that I don’t know about.  For you other degenerates thinking about running a website, contact her!  She’s is the woman behind the site and the logo.  I would say I am that creative but I would be a lying bastard if I did.

Anyways, I was uploading videos and believe it or not I broke the site by doing so.  There is also a shit ton of photos added as well but I did I mention I broke the site doing that as well.  I’m on a winning streak with breaking shit.  So what I had planned didn’t happen so revolution won’t be televised or delayed today.

When all the videos and shit are added I’ll let everyone know.  Trust me, the fuckup and wait will be worth it.