Today actually marks the day I arrived in Thailand to start living. So time to give some insights on what its like.

One Full Year

I myself am shocked I am still alive and breathing after a year in Pattaya. I tried my damnedest to drink and fuck myself to death when I first moved here. It was woohoo I am in Pattaya time. I was told that this in itself isn’t uncommon.

I was usually in the bars nightly and I usually had my dick lodged into someone at some point. I lived in Pattaya as if I was still on holiday. It was grand and I can’t say I hated it at all. I was living the dream so to speak and everyday was a new day to wreck havoc on myself.


There is a period of adjustment and normally it’s 6 months but honestly it took me a bit more to finally calm the fuck down and return to a semblance of normal. In the US I didn’t go out drinking every night, at most I would do a happy hour once a week. After that I just kinda chilled out and did my thing and rarely go out.

Here, it was tougher because you have so much pressure from friends you know coming in and asking for you to come out. I finally just kinda faded away and now come out when I want versus feeling obligated to go out. If I know people are coming I make an effort to be social but I rarely will do a full night out anymore.

Trust me, sitting in bars, discussing whores loses it’s charm after a bit and it becomes background noise. Short of my occasional bender I rarely go out and do much anymore.

Speaking Of Bars

The thing I have learned is that bars are boring as shit. You can only do so many before they are start to blend and it’s the same shit different day. We who live here call it Ground Hog Day after the movie.

You get so tired of it all that you rather not go out anymore. If you do go out it’s a seek and destroy mission to get your nut and be gone. I now have a thriving Facebook and Line account list where I just send messages and the girls come over. I avoid dealing with a barfine and I don’t have to go out and deal with other people.

There is nothing worse than the coconut telegraph system here. You bang someone, everyone knows and it’s annoying as fuck. One of the reasons I like Ban Chang so much is that I don’t have to deal with that. Hence, 90% of the girls I bang in Pattaya are done via online messages. Others are organic where they message me hinting what they want and I’m like come over.

Is It Everything I Thought It Would Be

The answer to the question is it all I thought it would be is this – No. Reality is far different than a holiday. I have already indicated it gets boring. Once you get it all out of your system you become normal again. You learn to appreciate hanging out and watching TV or a movie. You learn that you don’t need to go to a bar to be a person. You find other interests other than finding someone to bang.

Yes, I am a monger I make no bones about that. However, living in a monger town is a different reality. You have a steady supply of pussy and you can go out whenever. So once that newness wears off it just become a place to live and thats about all.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the easy access to cheap pussy but as for the rest, as I indicated, background noise. You learn not to care.

So After A Year

I am more or less settled, short of my impending move I don’t really do much anymore except for the occasional request for my presence. Now my life revolves around doing things I want to do and chilling out and enjoying the fact that I don’t have to go to work and slog out a shitty day in an office.

It took me about 9 months to get that way. I was worn after 6 months, now it’s acceptance and appreciate of the fact I have a unique lifestyle. I don’t regret moving here and I am now looking forward to year 2. I am going to be a block from the beach and it will be relaxing as hell and I can just chill out and take life as I want it.

Not bad for someone who turns 45. Looking forward to year 2!