Free at last! When this goes live I will be on my way to the airport to pick up my rental car. I’ll finally be on the road again and heading to Atlanta for a couple days before I leave for Thailand.


If you are wondering why I am driving to Atlanta versus catching a flight. I have 3 large suitcases filled with my life possessions. These each weigh between 50-70lbs. Even if I flew 1st class on a US based airline I would end up paying fees for weight and the extra bag.

With that prospect ahead of me I opted to just rent a car and do the 8 hour drive up to Atlanta. To be honest, after all this time with people around me I am looking forward to some solitude on the road.

Rest Of The Week

With me traveling this week I am going to load up stuff I found interesting. This is just easier for me since I will be in transit on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I will be in an alcoholic haze.

Monger pic of the day stuff I’ll write up as they are quick and dirty. Just don’t expect a lot of communication from me during the week.

I will likely be on the forums once I am in Pattaya. If it is intelligent just assume I am happily drinking.

On The Road Again

Now the journey officially begins! It now becomes real! All the planning and waiting finally comes to fruition and now I got the rest of the time for me.