I leave for Cambodia tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing some people that live there and getting out of Pattaya for the next 14 days!

Phnom Penh

Going to Phnom Penh (PP) first. I only had a 5 days last time, this time I got 6 days in the city. I know a bit more and there will be more guys in my group who are experienced. So will maybe go off the beaten path a bit.

The only thing I don’t like is that Golden Sorya Mall is closed for construction. So my freelance skanks are just out of the street. You can’t sit at a table, order a jug of beer and have them come to you. Now, you actually have to pull on into a bar and buy her a drink!

I will also be doing some touristy stuff too. Got a couple temples I want to see and just going to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere which is a different vibe than Pattaya.

Siem Reap

Don’t know if i will do Siem Reap after the 6 days in Cambodia or go some place else first. I just want to see the temple that is there. It’s not a monger stop for me and I have no real desire to stay in the town for more than a couple days.

I was recommended to take the boat between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap because it’s a cool ride and lots of tourist shots can be had. There isn’t a whole lot to do in Siem Reap other than look at the temple. I’m not into the back packing scene or the normal bar sit around and try and bang a tourist. So 2 days, 3 at most in Siem Reap.


I am also planning on hitting Sihanoukville (Snooky) for a few days. It’s starting to turn into a resort town with a ton of Chinese money flowing into it. Used to be a quiet little beach place. Going to check it out.

There is mongering to be had in Snooky. Not completely sure of where and how but I will check it out in order to research the scene. I have never been and while I’m not a beach guy there are a few other things to do. Might rent a scooter while I’m there and just tool around a bit just to see what is around.

Not sure if I’ll be solo or not for Snooky but I think I’ll survive.

Back To Phnom Penh

Finally will wrap up my last 2 days in PP with a group of friends. They are first timers in PP so will be good to show them the delights of the city. Beyond just hookers and cheap beer, there is always the weed!

Whenever I’m in PP I always go to the Red Fox and smoke a joint or 4. Might as well. Think I will do some space pizza this time just because I can. Just a slice, no need to go out of my mind.

From there, it’s back to Pattaya. Nice 14 day excursion to get away and recharge the Pattaya batteries.