This isn’t going to be a post about me saying I’m not in the mood to write anything. It’s going to be about mongering and how a mood can affect you.

Know The Signs

I went out Saturday night for the first time since I got back from Pattaya and I really should not have. I was extremely tired from my insomnia kicking my ass.

Ignoring the signs that my body was telling me I went forth into the night to get my dick sucked. I felt like I wanted to fall asleep at any second and just pass out. Still, I had a giant can of Monster Energy in me.

I would be ok!

Danger Will Robinson

I went to my regular bar where I know I can get my dick sucked by some skanks for a reasonable price. Normally I’m in a good mood fucking with the girls as they try and hustle drinks and tips out of me. My rule is no drinks and unless your ass was on stage no tip so fuck off.

I just sat there and it seemed that every time I got hit up for something it annoyed me.

I was short on patience and just nothing seemed fun.

The symptoms were there that it was me and not there but I soldier on trying to fuck a bartender.

Soldier On

The bartender left (not with me obviously). I started to bar hop and see what there was to see. The second wind kicked and I started to feel better. One bar down and another beer. Nothing interested me.

Moved on to the next bar and one of the girls I know who gives me a nice massage and bbbj was there. I bought her a drink and told the cunt of a bartender to get fucked and we agreed to hook up the next day in the morning since I sure as fuck wasn’t dealing with her bartender.

Hit The Wall

Moved to the next bar and I was done. I had hit the wall again and it was time to just say fuck this and go back and get some sleep. There was no point in even attempting to continue on because I would have turned into a cranky asshole and likely fallen asleep at the bar.

Know When To Say No

Now that the back story is out of the way you get my point. I should have not gone out. I clearly wasn’t in the mood to have a good time.

Now to move it back to mongering.

Mongers love to ignore signs that they are wearing down. Not in the correct mood to enjoy the experience of women rubbing all over them. Flirting with them. The joys of mongering and why we do it in the first place.

It’s You Not Them

When you find yourself just being annoyed by it all consider its you not them. You aren’t in the mood to monger. There is nothing wrong with not going through with it.

Nothing ruins a fun night out when you just aren’t in the game mentally. There is no shame in calling a timeout and taking a night off. Even on a short trip.

It’s better to be on then just half-assing your way through it clearly not in the mood.