I would love to tell you the story of what happened earlier this week but it’s not happening today.

I Am Sick

I alluded to being sick yesterday. It got worse instead of better to the point where I dragged my ass into my beloved clinic who haven’t seen me for a while. No ID needed, I really should get a frequent customer discount or something. Plus referral fees!.

The doctor looked at me and declared what I suspected and had ignored. I have an ear infection that has caused other maladies. Sure, some alcohol abuse might have enhanced this instead of making it better.

Once the consultation was over went to pay and got handed copious amounts of antibiotics, anti-phlegm meds. Told not to drink and to rest and drink water.

Came home and gladly passed out as the medicine makes me sleepy.

When It Rains It Pours

I am typing this from the new Monger Travels computer which may seem great but it’s not hooked up to the larger stuff yet because I haven’t been home or in the mood to do the data transfer. I won’t go into Mac formatted drives versus Windows. I can get around it through utilities but it’s a fuckload of data and the utilities are cludgey at best. In the end, I have to transfer it all over the network.

Before I laid down I kicked the Mac off to patch itself. When I came back it was still patching itself. It had been something on the order of 5 hours by this point. As I write this it’s still doing it but this time it’s actually patching.

Considering I now am stuck inside for the foreseeable future due to medication I guess I’ll get off my ass and finish this project and switch to the new machine.


I am starting to feel better. Amazing what even one dose of medicine can do for you. Still not really in the mood write about the adventures of last week. It’s good, just when you are half dead and annoyed as fuck you just aren’t in the mood to relive something inspiring.

So with a heavy heart, I leave you hanging over the weekend.