I get that there should be a monger pic of the day today but I’m in Pattaya so you get me writing instead.

And There Was Nok

I have known Nok since her Quicky Bar days on Soi 6. Back then the Quicky Bar was the bar to be at on Soi 6. It was always busy with customers and the girls were always good looking and fun.

The infamous date night hell where I went with Big Daddy and Udubfan on a triple date occurred with Nok so there is history between the two of us.

I was on a mission to go find some food and I hear my named yelled out. Not an unusual occurrence but one that happens less frequently because I don’t bar hop like used to on Soi 6.

You Have Mange

There was this creature with weird ass orange/red/blue hair pulled into odd angles and looked like she had mange if she was a dog. You can figure out it was Nok. She has rather distinct tattoos and her voice is a giveaway.

Of course like any stray that finds you she wants to be fed. I had other plans, like much needed food since I didn’t get out of the room till 5 PM and hadn’t eaten and was starving. So with a promise I would be back I went for a feed.

Once For Old Times

Once I finished putting food in my system I came back as promised. Of course she had to have a drink and I hadn’t had a beer yet so inside we went.

It didn’t take long for Nok to get my dick hard. I had a choice between the booths or going upstairs. Upstairs please! Not that I’m shy but booths usually mean a blow job. I wanted to fuck.

So out the backdoor we go with my dick out of my shorts. I walk outside and there is a family eating and my dick in the air. Only in Pattaya does this shit happen. So I ducked in and put my dick in my shorts and then followed Nok up the stairs.

Boom Boom?

I would go into torrid details of what happened but I won’t because oh yeah, I can’t. Nok is a decent fuck from the few times I have done her but this time it was not to be and I shall explain.

She starts with a decent enough blowjob with lots of ball licking which I like then she asks if I want boom boom. Now I have barebacked Nok before but I was like no condom. So she grabs one and puts it. I was ready to go so she climbs on and is in obvious pain.

Her pussy is super tight and she’s not wet at all. Even with a lubed condom. She’s begging me to go slow and I’m like honey it’s hurting me too through a condom because you aren’t wet and your pussy is gripping me like sandpaper.

Mission Aborted

She climbs off and starts to blow me again and jerk me off and I finish that way and call it done. Fine be me and the result is drained balls.

We talk as two people do who just engaged in badly performed sexual activities and she explains she’s just back to work and only 3 days. She had taken a 3 year hiatus to live with her Mom in Bangkok. No idea if she was selling her ass there or not but considering the pussy situation I tend to believe it.

So ended another glorious adventure in Pattaya. Hope to have a million more like it.


PS – A young Nok is all the way on the right flashing the peace sign in the photo.