Interesting thing over here in Thailand is the need for guys to shack up and get a girlfriend. In the past year I have tried, I have failed spectacularly, yet I don’t find myself singing no woman no cry either.

Relationships And Me

I have alluded to things in the past where I have attempted relationships. I suck at them. In Thailand, I really suck at them. This isn’t me going around sticking my dick into anything that moves. It’s the Thai girl mentality that having a farang boyfriend means you have to do fuckall from now on and can sit on your ass and watch TV and fuck around on Facebook all day.

Even more frustrating is that the girl wants a “salary” for doing this. Last time I checked to be called a girlfriend doesn’t imply you actually pay her a “salary”, yes you may pay for shit around the apartment or food but to give her money so she can support her family or whatever. Fucking insane in my book.

Lets Add Drama

The other fun of having a girlfriend is the endless amount of drama they can dish out. I thought Latinas were the queen of dramatic theatrics but they don’t hold a candle to a Thai girl who loses her shit.

The staple in the Thai girl book of drama is threatening to kill themselves. It’s gotten to the point where I either offer advice or just ignore them. My Facebook feed is riddled with dumbass Thai girls wanting to die because the farang either wised the fucked up or got caught cheating on them. If you think I am making this up please follow this link. Typical reading material over here.

That’s the easy way out to be honest. Most just absolutely lose the plot and fucking go on a destructive rampage. Not with their shit, but your shit. I know of entire apartments getting destroyed, laptops flying out windows, clothes being burnt, and a host of other destructive activities.

Hell, even my ex-landlord who is a decent guy was like I am thinking about moving back over here and dumping his girlfriend because at least she can’t get back into the building when I dump her ass.

Good times!

No I Don’t Want A Girlfriend

I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t want a girlfriend. I’m completely good with a fuck buddy, swap some body fluids, maybe a meal or a night out but beyond that no.

The problem is I mainly deal with bargirls. I have no desire or even want to make an attempt to meet a “good girl”, meaning a girl that doesn’t work in a bar. Trust me, Thais, even the non-bargirls are big believers in that landing a farang means winning the lottery. It’s far from the case. When reality meets expectations things dramatically go downhill quickly.

My goal in life isn’t to support a girl and her family. Nor do I want to do regularly scheduled trips to Isan and see the village and buy gifts and basically because a walking ATM for the family to live far better for a week or 2 than they normally do.

I can’t stand it so why pretend otherwise.

No Woman No Cry

You can see why I don’t need a girlfriend nor am I going to cry about it. If I am lonely I’ll call one of the many on the Spanky contact list and invite her over. Considering I haven’t broken in my new place you can see it’s rather low on my priority list.

Too many guys define their lives by having a woman at their side. Me? I define my life with quiet content of not having to deal with the bullshit that a girlfriend brings.