My life was completed yesterday. I could have died a happy man as I finally got a visit from Ning while I was sober. The title of the post – Ning My Bell is rather appropriate.

Might Have Passed Out

I had Ning over before but it was a shit session because I was wasted and it seemed like a good idea at the time but I just could not perform. So I paid her and sent her on the way disappointed in myself for not being in peak form for a Ning session.

The second time, I may have been even more intoxicated and invited her over. Bad part about that was I promptly passed the hell out and locked her out of the building.

For some reason Thai girls get pissed off about this. Not sure why. Great thing about Thai hookers is they have a shorter memory than a dog. They are happy as hell to see you again.

Ring Up Ning

Woke up feeling refreshed and ready to charge the world. When you ride the xanax and tramadol highway to blissful slumber for most of a day. Get some amazing sleeping in you wake up with your body going I remember when you treated me good you magnificent bastard.

My cock was raging to go since it had been more that 24 hours since it was in use. So hit Ning up and she was of course available! Could be over in 3o minutes no problem. Which worked out because it gave me time to shower and pop a big of viagra to make sure everything was working as intended.

Even had time wander up to 7-11 to refresh some stocks and about 35 minutes later phone goes off and it’s Ning.

Gag Me Please

There was no preamble, no nothing. Ning dropped to her knees and proceeded to blow me on the floor. This was before I was even undressed. I finally got her off my cock so I could get naked and we moved to the bed and it was game on.

There is no sex with her. I don’t want it. She’s there for oral skills only. They are just simply amazing.

She is into gagging. As in she grabs your hand and forces you to hold her head down on your cock. While you feel your cock head slip into her throat she is licked your ball sack. It’s just freaking amazing feeling. When she needs air she moves her head up a bit which is the queue to stop holding her head down.

Once she wipes the snot off her face (with her own towels she brings), she starts to lick your balls and toss your salad a bit then back to the main event. She will do it on her own then prompt you to face fuck her. You can feel your cock slip past her throat when you do this. Did I mention heaven?

Finally when she wants you to come she just does the deep throat fucking thing. Gagging all over your cock until you blast a load down her throat. Which she is a swallower!

You are absolutely shattered after having a bj like that. Your balls are drained and you could die happy because she knows her business.

Ning My Bell

With me laying there like I am half dead Ning cleaned up a bit and then starts to give me a massage. I was mostly out of it but it felt great. You dont’ realize how much your leg muscles tense up while getting blown like that. She even had me roll over and do my back for bit. By this point I was blissfully in half sleep mode.

Ning then asks me if she can stay. I say hell no which woke me up at that point. She then gets a wash cloth and washes my cock completely clean. Gives it a few more kisses and sucks and as it starts to chub up again wants to know if can go again. NO!

Finally we get dressed and I walk down with her to get a motorbike. She was impressed I cared that much and wanted to hold my hand. I may have neglected to mention she’s bat shit crazy but damn she’s sucks dick like a champion. I had to do something else which was why I agreed.

So I got bell Ning’d. Just holy shit. Ning!