This is my wish list of places I have yet to experience. I am not ready for a Bucket List. I plan on not having a Bucket List. When I played football I was known for leaving it all on the field. Same in life. These are not (necessarily) Monger Locations. I am sure you can practice your hobby if you desire. These are locations I find interesting for various reasons. As I have stated many times, I do not have a working crystal ball. I have what you could call a plan.  It is written on a dry erase white board not in stone.  (subject to immediate change).

Cologne Germany

Built by the Romans. I am an Amatuer Historian and have always been fascinated with Roman History. Lots of Roman Ruins to explore.  There is also a 12 story brothel as I previously reported. Prices start low on the first floor and increase as you get to the top.  Lots of outdoor cafes and coffee shops when the Viagra is not working.

colonge gr

Odessa Ukraine

From the Greeks to to Ottomans to the current day city of Odessa, founded by order of Catherine the Great, Russian Empress in 1792. Port City on the Black Sea and home of many beaches and resorts.  The nice old town area has a beautiful opera house and city gardens.  Many options for the hobby. Clubs are numerous or just call for delivery.



Yes Antarctica. I have been inside the Arctic Circle a couple of times and took a helicopter ride to the North Pole. I also want to see Buenos Aries Argentina and Santiago Chile. There is a Cruise Ship that leaves Buenos Aries and transverses the Straight of Magellan then on to Santiago. Stops for day trips to Antarctica are available. What young man never dreamed of sailing a schooner round the horn.  Well maybe not to much any more. Cruise Ships have Buffets, Bars, Hot Showers and Schooners……. maybe not. Hobby?  Buenos Aries is famous otherwise bring your own.


Cairns Australia

I have wanted to go fishing on the Great Barrier Reef for a very long time.  I used to watch a Fishing Show from Australia that was great. I remember he caught a fish and was reeling it in when a bigger fish took it, then that fish was eaten by an even bigger fish. He looked at the camera and said “If this keeps up we may be here a long time”. The Hobby is completely legal here. Many brothels are available.


Cape Town South Africa

This may be a surprise.  I admit the fascination started with the Zulu Movies. I know a couple of people that have visited and were taken with the beauty and the people. The Hobby is not legal but many options are available.