I firmly believe that 95% of the mongers out there are the most clueless and stupid men on the planet. Like most men in mongering they either have a bad experience with a woman or are socially inept. What the 95% don’t do is bother to educate themselves and believe the shit they read on the internet. The best I heard today was that the ladies in Thailand give mongers more respect than other places.


Let me clear up now for those of you that feel yourself agreeing with the respect part. NO!

I don’t give a flying fuck if you monger in Thailand or Antarctica. Prostitutes have almost zero respect for their clients. Most of them tolerate us because we are a means to an end and nothing more. The average prostitute could happily live her life never having to fuck again for money if she has any other skills or wasn’t lazy.

There is no more or no less respect in any destination. Sex workers are the same everywhere. They tolerate their clients.

It’s An Act

The first thing you need to understand when you start mongering is 99% of what the prostitute does is just an act. She is pretending to be interested in you. Her goal is to get you to spend money on her. She is selling her product; herself. So it’s in her best interest to act in whatever way she believes works best to separate you from your money.

There are always cultural and language considerations. These just limit how she sells herself to you. Even then, if she knows you are expecting a certain type of behavior then she is going to act that way because it works.

If you even believe for  second that she has any other consideration for you then you are horribly misguided. She is going to do whatever it takes for her to make her sale. If this means acting a certain way then she will.

She Does Have Respect

The end game for any encounter with a prostitute is her getting paid. If she has respect for one thing about you its your money. Nothing more. Most could honestly care less about you once she has gotten paid.

The never pay upfront mantra that all mongers learn is there for a reason. She doesn’t respect you once you paid. The money has been received so why bother to do more?

If you think a girl from some country gives you more respect than another. Go ahead and pay her upfront and let me know what happens afterwards.

More Respect

There is no difference where you monger. The girls will not respect you because you are viewed as a lesser man already because you are paying.

At most, the only respect you are going to receive is going to be a professional one if she recognizes you know the rule. She will appreciate that because she doesn’t have to play the game. It cuts down on the bullshit both sides deal with.

If you are apart of the 95% that believe she has more respect for you otherwise. Good luck with that.