So interestingly enough I haven’t been home for the last few days. Been spending time with the new on again/off again whatever. So I haven’t had time to write shit. Like, really, I haven’t been anywhere near my computer so it was like shit, I didn’t even realize what day it was. Blissful and all that.

Time Flies

Seriously time flies when you are having fun and actually focusing on doing other things than worrying about writing for a website. I was like this is cool and I honestly just even think about it. I have been chilling and doing my thing with her and other friends that it just didn’t pop into my mind. It was like holy shit, I haven’t written since Monday and I am a fucking idiot. I need to get my ass home and deal with this because I can’t NOT update anymore.

So I am literally writing this after 2 days outside of my own place other than coming home and grabbing shit I needed and calling it a day.

Please Accept My Apologies

This isn’t me saying I have nothing to write about, this just me not be physically unable to day anything. When you got a monger website, trying to write with a girl around on your phone is the last thing you really want to do. It’s hard enough with a computer but when you do it with a woman near you, things become extremely complicated because she is going to want to see what you are doing.

Leaving it at that, I was not in a position to type shit until later, then when I finally got home, I was like taking a nap and chilling  a bit. Unfortunately while I was doing that, woke up later than I anticipated and spent the first hour cleaning up spammers out of the forums. Always a good time.

So Not The Planned Schedule

So I will bring everything up to speed come Friday. Just honestly don’t feel like writing about it right now. I am more interested in chilling out and enjoying a bit of me time now that I am alone for the first time in a few days. While it’s been chill, again, the girl up my ass 24/7 has put a bit of a damper in my lifestyle. I cleared out and got in around 4 this afternoon, and went, nap! Then I just woke up and went fuck me, I need to update because you may think I am dead.

So here is you update. It is what it is but I’m hoping I get everything back on track again tomorrow.