Miss. Mongolia

They all look like that!

I am keeping the continuity alive here at Monger Travels this week by discussing Mongolia.  I’ll admit to the fact that I have zero desire to go to Mombasa or Bangladesh (sorry Gunny Mac) but I have some weird ass desire to go to Mongolia for some reason.  Sure the country is one giant ass flat steppe but it was the home of Temujin or Genghis Khan to you uneducated people.  That alone means your coolness factor goes up a notch in my book for saying you went to where one of the baddest motherfuckers who ever walked this earth once roamed.

Since this is a mongering/adventure travel site I did some digging and I found out that you have on spot and only one spot to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh in our hobby.  You are heading to Ulanbaatar which is the capital of Mongolia.  There isn’t a lot of information on it as apparently the city isn’t a renown destination for men of adventure.  It seems most of the girls end up in Macau or Erlian, China and according to all I read they are trafficked there.  While I am sure human trafficking does exists I also don’t think that every Mongolian girl working is there because she was trafficked but then again, I swim against the political correct stream.

Moving back to Ulanbaatar there seems to be a freelance bar called Casablanca where you can get some company for the evening.  Talent ranges from modest to well, who the fuck knows because I’m reading the International Sex Guide and that board is full of super mongers.  There is also a massage parlor scene there and you can hit them up and get a rub and tug and maybe something more for your efforts.  The place is called the Strings Hotel with a massage place in the basement.  There are more but hell if I can figure out where things are.  Since avid reader and commenter Gunny Mac wants prices things seem to be around 40,000 – 60,000 Tugrik (Mongolian Currency) for sex.  Seeing how I am lazy I just plugged in 60,000 and it comes out to about $43 US so figure $50 if you tip or something.  Hell if I know.

Information is sketchy on the entire scene in Mongolia and to be honest, it doesn’t seem that great of a place just to visit to get laid.  Now you are wondering why go?  Genghis Khan for fucksakes!  Seriously, the dude conquered Asia and a good chunk of Europe.  He was one bad ass motherfucker who walked this earth.  Go see the sites (this coming from a non-tourist type dude) like the 8,000 monuments to Genghis Khan, shack up in a yurt and get liquored up with the locals while swilling vodka and eating mutton.  In the morning kill your hangover with some goat milk tea or something.  Ride the steppes for a bit on a pony and pretend to be a mongol badass and rape and pillage another settlement (not that I am suggesting it).  It’s fucking Mongolia and how many people can say they have been there?  I know, its not sexy it’s not exotic and all that other shit but damn it I want to go and not to just get my dick wet but it would be cool to say I nailed a Mongolia chick.