10_61I am going to beat you about your head. I’m going to mock and ridicule you. I am going basically call you stupid but in couched terms. So in effect, a rather typical post from me. So with if you think mongering is serious business I have a few things to tell you.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. At its core mongering is nothing more then paying for sex. If you think it is somehow something more meaningful let me propose this analogy to you. You go to the store. You need some milk. You have options for your milk. Maybe some skim? How about soy? What about 2% milk? What about chocolate milk? You get the point yet? Maybe. Once you make your selection you go to the checkout and pay for it. You go home and enjoy your milk. Not that dissimilar from mongering. For those of you that take mongering way too fucking serious, yes I know you PAY after the deed is done but then again, its an analogy and you take mongering far too seriously.

Too many guys either believing their own bullshit or bullshit spread on monger boards think that monger is serious business. Remember the milk! It’s a transaction and nothing more. You aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done for thousands of years. Hell I bet the caveman would come in from killing whatever hapless animal that stood still long enough for him to throw a spear at it and offer it up to the cavewoman for some nookie. Paying for sex has been going on forever! It’s not fucking new. What is new is the Internet and a platform for useless pontification (such as this site).

Let me bust some myths here.

There is no such thing as “girl management”. For every fucking retard monger that wants to basically project his own personal inadequacies to on others this is rule #2 after don’t pay the girl before the act. Look, you aren’t managing shit. It’s a business transaction. You try and limit your exposure as much as possible and both parties hope to come to a satisfactory conclusion. You aren’t managing shit. If you feel that you need to be “in control” you aren’t projecting confidence in the first place. Get over yourself. Remember, its business. List out what your expectations are if she agrees great. If she doesn’t fulfill all your expectations but you still got a nut, guess what, you are still paying so suck it up or deal with shit show. If things turn to shit before you bust your nut you got choices. Toss her and deal with a potential shit show or basically bribe her to get the fuck out for a lesser sum. Your call. Just remember. Your “management” is all but useless but hey, we all know mongering is serious business don’t we.

Moving on is the whole don’t pay over X amount of money. Fuck me! If I had whatever a dollar is in local currency for every time I heard that I would not be writing this trying to sell my condo. I would be fucking rich and still collecting from the clueless. You and your delusional self can preach that to every other bastard sitting in the monger bar with you or on whatever forum you post on regularly. Your words mean absolutely fucking nothing. You have no impact on the mongering scene. You sound like an idiot to be completely honest. What other spends is frankly none of your fucking business. What you spend is your business. Keep it to yourself. No one else really cares. If someone asks you what the rate is tell them the average market rate and going and depends on situation. Stop trying to think you have control. You don’t! You and the other blowhards in your little group who think they do and some how form a monger collective just paint yourselves as idiots. Then again, we all know mongering is serious business.

Lets move from the myths to some hard truth.

Mongering is a lifestyle choice. Not a fucking life and death struggle. Its paying for pussy for fucksakes. You roll with the good and the bad. Is every session going to be spectacular? Fuck no! Are you going to make some mistakes that costs you money or puts you in a situation you rather not be? Yes! It’s part of mongering. It’s about the adventure and the ability to bang as many hot chicks as your bank account can afford.¬†You are fucking more then most guys dream of. You are doing things and going to places that most people never see or do. It’s fucking fun! It’s not serious! So stop trying to make it out to be something more than it is. It’s paying for pussy at its most basic. Nothing more!