That’s right! The return of the Monger Video of the Day!

With the world in the grasp of Star Wars mania and millions of nerds breathing through their mouth talking about what is cannon and what is not I bring to the world something far more useful – a stripper with a laser beam shoved up her ass! Fuck the lightsaber when you got a girl swinging around on a stage with a freaking laser beam shooting out of her ass? You sure as fuck never saw Princess Leia do that even in the Jaba the Hut outfit. Strippers 1 – Star Wars 0.

I am sure some of you guys are like how in the hell do you find this stuff? It usually finds me and in this case it came off a forum I was reading. What someone linked to a movie of a stripper with a laser up her ass is beyond even me but when you find content gold you stick with it. Even if the quality leaves much to be desired sometimes you need a change of pace between girls with my named tattooed are their large and cellulite filled asses and hot Asian women I tend to obsess over.

So enjoy this monger video of the day and its fleeting return and rest easy that even if you die after seeing this you can go with the knowledge you have.