I now return with a monger video of the day. Who doesn’t like big tits on an Asian? Well I guess gay dudes but otherwise who doesn’t?

Where Was I

I was actually in my condo the whole time. You may say you were just being lazy Spanky. Correct to a point. However, my struggles with insomnia are well documented. Last week was complete and total hell for me. I was averaging around 3 hours of sleep a night and when I wasn’t sleeping I was desperately taking anything that would put me to sleep and it wasn’t working.

In effect – I was a zombie.

It was to the point where I was hallucinating because I had almost no sleep. How do I know I was hallucinating? Easy, been there before and your mind will do some weird shit. Knowing this I just ignored it while desperately trying to get some sleep.


The mattress in this condo was shit to begin with. I had intentions to go buy a new one but either weather and then insomnia conspired against me to stop this transaction. It finally came ahead on Friday when I was forced to get out of the condo and pay utilities and it wasn’t due to rain till later.

I knew where all the furniture stores are in Pattaya, mainly off Pattaya Tai. So I rode up there and saw a mattress shop. I just stopped in and started to look around. Prices were super competitive so I didn’t bitch at all. I found a nice pillow top for 5500 Baht delivered. Supposedly on sale from 10K. I hold my breath on that but I wasn’t going to spend that much on it considering I will likely leave the mattress here.

Transaction completed and no joke, an hour later my mattress was in my condo, old one gone and I was one happy son of a bitch. I crashed almost immediately, even barely stirred for a power cut which usually only lasts around 20 minutes.

I then crashed out again later that night and slept 11 hours straight. Before I was taking pain killers and everything else to go to bed because my back would be screaming if I didn’t. I woke up full of energy for the first time in a long time and I was truly refreshed.

What About Yesterday

Well, interesting story there. I got a message on Sunday saying a very close female friend of mine showed up as a surprise. So off I went. She is in town to get a document that she needed. She figured why not squeeze in a holiday. So we had dinner and then spent the rest of the night hanging out which was her friend. She had to be at the document office by 7 and I was like good night.

I did meet her yesterday once I got some sleep which she didn’t. I ended up going to the office and waiting for her. Once she was done I dropped her where she is staying knowing she wasn’t coming over last night. Of course, I had to feed her first so by the time I got home it was too late to do anything so I just kinda said screw it.

Monger Video Of The Day

Seeing how I pulled a disappearing act last week I will make it up with a monger video of the day. Not a massively long one but good enough if you like big, natural Asian tits. I hope I make up for my extended absence.