What? A monger video of the day? Damn straight! I am to please and to provide culture to you degenerates or at least something I find amusing. In this case its I found it amusing.

One of the questions I get about Tijuana is what is it like in the smaller bars. I no longer need to answer it because I found this video and you can see for yourself. In this case its the Bar Gold Palace in the Alley in the Zona Norte. It’s not at all like Hong Kong or Adelitas at all. These type of places are generally frequented by locals and the more established gringo mongers. Spanish does help a lot unless you get a deportee masero who will speak English and will annoy the fuck out of you. As you can see by the video these places aren’t that busy and talent is hit or miss. If you are a diamond in the rough type guy or a fresh off the bus type of guy. You will find them in the smaller bars.

I will tell you that some of these places aren’t for the feint of heart. If you aren’t an explorer and feel comfortable in unknown environments I highly recommend you don’t roll into some of the bars in the alley. Me? Personally I always take a wander around because I get bored in the big clubs. I have a soft spot in my heart for La Gloria Bar because they serve 32oz beers and in general leave you the fuck alone. Sure a fat woman may make an appearance periodically that you have to wave off but its a chill place to get a beer or 3.

So enjoy the monger video of the day and if you feel adventurous go forth and check out the smaller bars.