Forgive my moment of pique for this monger video of the day but I’m not going to pass it up.

So I was looking stuff up for the monger video of the day and I figured why not see whats out there for Tijuana considering I am going to be there next week. I found the a gem! It’s 1972 porn movie called Tijuana Blue. The plot synopsis on IMDB is priceless, ‘2 drug runners get caught up in the Tijuana sex scene’, nothing more. It has 3.8 stars out of 10. The movie is also know as House of Whorers. You just can’t find quality adult entertainment like this anymore?

I mean, 1970’s porn set to horrible Nortena music. Full on gigantic bushes on the women. Horrible lighting. It’s all there!

So do yourself a favor and take the 58 minutes to watch this cinematic masterpiece. No need to thank me!

Enjoy the monger video of the day.


PS – Big Daddy there may be a donkey show!