Colombia anyone? Medellin in particular?

The mere mention of that country and city sends hardcore mongers into hysterics. I have never seen a place that invokes such emotion in my life. Look, I fucking love Pattaya but you don’t see me on monger forums trying to tell everyone how fucking great it is while at the same time trying to keep it secret. Its like they are trying to be Edward Snowden and the CIA at the same time. Explains why most of the guys are so conflicted. It could also be that 75% of them wife the fuck up when they get there because there is no centralized place for mongering. There are a few strip clubs but nothing like a ground zero. Instead you have to use Facebook to find girls to fuck at night and go through the casas (whore houses more or less) during the day. You gotta line up dates and shit. Too much work for a lazy monger like me. I guess the other lazy mongers just wife up. Nothing says romance like taking your puta novia out to dinner then paying to fuck her later. To each their own I guess.

Apologies in advance for any mongers that fit the above category. Write me with the subject line, To Be Deleted and it will get an immediate response.

I guess I should get to the monger video of the day. So why do the guys lose their minds? Personally no fucking idea. The world is full of women. Yes, the women in Medellin are sexy. We all know how subjective that is so its a matter of taste. I guess the monger video of the day is an illustration of what is available in Medellin. The girl seems to enjoy her toys and its truly no holes barred. So if you like taking a girl out to the dinner and the disco and picking up the costs along with paying her to sleep with you then you too can fuck a woman like this provided you have the time and money to do so.

So enjoy the monger video of the day and figure out if you too want to enter the exclusive sandbox of the Medellin monger and lose your fucking mind or not. Who am I to judge?