If there is one search term that shows up in the stats more than any other its yoni massage. I have no idea why guys from all over the world go bat shit crazy for it but I’ll repost it as a monger video of the day. No idea if its the same yoni massage video that I had posted before or not. This one is nearly 90 minutes of two women I guess getting their yoni massage on.

To be perfectly honest here, I didn’t watch this or even skip through it that much. I hit it and moved on because I don’t have the patience or time to sit here and watch 90 minutes of porn. Look, I’m not going to judge you if you can rub one out for 90 minutes but I’m guessing there is chaffing involved. God knows sex hurts after awhile and you are like bitch don’t touch me again because it fucking hurts. Which reminds me of when Big Daddy would get pissed at the women on Soi 6 who would always run up and want to rub on his dick then invite their friends over to do the same.

Whatever. So for you guys desperate for free yoni massage porn, here you go. Enjoy the monger video of the day.