I always talk to Pattaya Bound about going to the asian massage parlor when he is in between shifts at his job. Seeing how he’s a domesticated monger now living in cohabiting bliss he doesn’t get strange anymore. Still, I like to ask him to let him know I care and mainly to see if he will do it and risk getting his dick cut off. I figure he could at least hit the AMP in his home country versus when he is in Thailand. It’s not cheating if you aren’t in the same country right? Plus what tilak don’t know means she can’t find out to cut your dick off and feed it to the ducks later which is popular way of disposal in Thailand. Thailand is number one is penis reattachment surgery. Not sure why if they feed it to the ducks. Oh wait…. never mind.

So yeah, the monger video of the day in case you haven’t figured out is about an asian massage parlor. Don’t worry guys, for those of you that come here looking for the fucking Yoni massage shit, I’ll post it tomorrow. Today you deal with the asian massage parlor for a monger video of the day.

This video I guess was shot with a spy camera or something. The video quality isn’t that great but its plenty clear provided you ignore the perspective. For those of you that have never been to a AMP I’ll give you the parts that are missing. First off you usually get a half ass massage while you are laying first down on the table. Near the end of the half ass massage she starts to “tease” you by tracing her fingers and nails lightly over your back slowly working your way to your ass cheeks. She then starts to play with your balls then kinda reaches down and cups them. She plays with them a bit then kinda forces you to hunch up so she can start on your dick and get it hard if it isn’t already. Once you are at full mast she tells you to turn over.

This is where things can get good or annoying. Most AMPs just give the rub and tug as its called. The happy ending where the girl stays clothed and jerks you off and you blow your load. The tip is standard for your area. The annoying can happen if the girl tries to up sell your ass with additional options. Naked costs more. Blow job (if offered) costs more. Full service (if offered) costs more. This money goes straight to the girl (in theory) so that is her cut. So the more she can get out of you the better. Most will let you grab a tit at least with just a usual tip but beyond that not much is on the menu.

So you can see what the typical asian massage finish is here in this monger video of the day. It’s not that spectacular to be honest but I guess if you are horny you go with what you can easily find. God knows I used to spend a lot of time in them when I was still a neophyte monger back in the day. I usually hit one up once a year just for old times but there are other options I now partake in if the urge hits.

So there you go. A true asian massage experience as your monger video of the day. Enjoy.