It’s Thanksgiving here in America which means its a holiday! It really means I don’t have to do shit other than lay around and sleep which I am completely okay with! Typically you are supposed to give thanks for shit you care about and the first meal that the Pilgrim’s the religious nut jobs that were kicked out of Europe for being too god damn religious so everyone one was happy to ship them to the new world in the hope they would just die off. Depending on your view they survived and hence the country I call my homeland as fucked up as it is kinda took root but these same fucktards had a big hand in crafting our legal system and our moral outlook which is half the problem of American today. So yeah, shit I’m thankful for. Thai girls! Damn straight and I go deep to the well again for some more Thai girls getting fucked for the monger video of the day.

This monger video of the day has a girl with a damn near perfect body. She is stunningly beautiful and short of the fake eyelashes on her eyes she is damn near perfect. Why Thais put on the fake eyelashes I have no idea. It’s the same with the powder to appear whiter. I have pointed out numerous times to various Thais that they look better without the powder trying to look whiter but I finally gave up. It was like trying to stop an ocean tide. Pointless and it ends up in failure. So yeah, this girl is fucking hot! I would gladly spend some time with her and discuss global warming and various other topics of interests to the global community. Who am I kidding. I would just get to know her carnally and then move on! There are always more that look just liker her.

So enjoy the monger video of the day. If you are American, enjoy Thanksgiving. Remember, the fucking Pilgrims who fucked it up for the rest of us.