I think I have mentioned on numerous occasions now how I am missing Thailand badly. So why not go to the well for the monger video of the day and look at a Thai girl getting fucked. It seems the nearest I can get to actually doing one myself. It doesn’t help I get messages from a couple in Thailand expressing how much they miss me. Neither work in bars and I know one doesn’t want my money and the other who knows but she is a beautiful woman and I dearly missing banging her. The last time we had sex she used me like a fuck doll and got her nut and so did I come to think of it. Instead of post coitus bliss I checked my phone only to see that Scubabum was in the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver. I think he just wanted to cock block me the bastard. The girl in question went with us and helped out with translations and was a real sweetheart. Can’t say she has been in a porn movie or anything but who knows. Throw enough money at a Thai bar girl and eventually what you want will happen. Thais are rather pragmatic that way. Money does talk in that country.

Whatever. I am digressing and none of this has fuckall to do with this Thai girl getting hammered on the monger video of the day. So enjoy it.