It seems I was accused of being a member of the feminist agenda with my post yesterday so I must redeem myself to the monger “brotherhood” with the monger video of the day. This one is for Mucho Gusto because you know, he only goes to Thailand every 10 years or so. I also know he loves tits and the bigger the better so why not torture him with a Thai lovely that will be a grandmother when he next returns to Thailand on his every 10 year sojourn.

I can spoil the movie for you but lets be honest; its porn and there isn’t a lot of surprises here. I will say considering the trend of the last few monger video of the day this one has no anal but there is a bit of a twist at the end. If you really want to watch to the end I won’t spoil it for you or you can just jump ahead like I did. Either option is perfectly suitable. Your choice.

So enjoy the monger video of the day. Leave a comment about how Mucho Gusto needs to go more than once every 10 years. Then again, at the rate he goes, this girl could already be a mother and by that time her daughter could have popped the grandkid out and he could end up banging this one’s daughter and by the time he rolls in again, the grand daughter could be legal. Mucho Gusto, the generational monger and by that time the geriatric monger.


Enjoy the monger video of the day.