It seems that porn and hence forth, the monger video of the day has been stuck in a anal theme. I don’t get the taboo of it all. I guess as a degenerate monger I have hit the brown eye enough that the mystery is gone for me. It’s just another hole to be hammered, its not a naughty nasty thing for me that fuels my monger imagination.

I mean, the most magical anal fuck I ever had almost killed me but I do get a story out of it. It was the first time I spent a lot of time in Thailand and I was with two guys, one being Pattaya Bound. I had just found the joys of Kamagra Jelly and I was taking it as often as I was fucking. So I was with the two degenerates as we sleazed down Soi 6 and lo and behold two hotties jump out of a bar and grabbed the degenerates. I wasn’t feeling that great (to be figured out why later) and wasn’t on my A game else I would have grabbed one of the hotties. Instead, I got a fat chick on me. Oh well, wasn’t in the mood to fuck. So I see the two guys disappear so I settle into the couch to wait for these two and get a beer. Fat girl doesn’t take no for an answer. One of the funny moments was the cashier had donuts near the register and fat girl offered me one and I was like no but shocker fat girl wanted one. Sarcasm is often lost on Thais but the cashier got it and started to laugh her head off. I finally offered fat girl a drink just to get rid of her but no, rookie mistake. She got more insistent. Finally she tells me I can fuck her up the ass and cum in it. LETS GO! Popped another Kamagra and it was off to the races. Yeah, my heart racing. To say I fulfilled the mission was an understatement. I did it but it wasn’t pretty. I had sweat pouring off me in buckets and it wasn’t from heat. My heart was pounding like a Formula One engine. I felt light headed as hell. I barely made it down the stairs without falling. The two degenerates I’m with ask me what the hell is wrong with me. I proceed to tell them about my mission and how I popped a Kamagra. Pattaya Bound kinda knowing how much I was fucking asked me if I was taking a Kamagra every time I fucked and I answered affirmative. It was then that the bomb dropped, Kamagra lasts up to 24 hours in your system! OOPS! They proceed to tell me I am white as ghost and might want to go to a clinic or something. Seeing how I’m a man and stubborn I went fuck it, I’ll return to my room and see how I feel in a bit. To say the least it was 24 hours of hell. I basically had half a hard-on for about 12 to 14 hours. My pulse slowly slowed down. I would periodically break into sweats as I came down from whatever the hell is in Kamagra and I didn’t leave my room for basically 24 hours. Pattaya Bound being the gentleman checked on me the next day to make sure I wasn’t dead.

How any of the above relates to the monger video of the day I have no fucking clue. This girl is hot and not fat and short of the anal sex connection I just felt like sharing. So there, don’t overdose on Kamagra and enjoy anal sex or something.