Let’s change it up a bit and go with a monger video of the day. While I picture can say a 1000 words, a video can just replay them nicely. In this case, with moaning.

Video What

The reason I don’t do the videos that often is that I ran into issues on my old host. This caused the site to get banned and me getting calling them all sorts of obnoxious names to prove a point. Their version of unlimited bandwidth and mine were two different things.

While my new host is much more accommodating when it comes to videos I still rather not push it. I am hosting other people’s stuff on this now so I am hesitant to push it. But it is nice from time-to-time to share a video or two.

Dressing Room

I can honestly say I have never felt the urge to get my freak on in a dressing room. This isn’t to say if a lady offered I would not happily join her in the dressing room for a bit of fun.

What does amaze me is people who do this shit and don’t get caught. I have nothing but respect for them. While I have engaged in public shenanigans I can’t say wanking myself off in a dressing room is one of them.

If you wanted to talk about stripping in bars, running down soi’s in Thailand, fucking a girl in public, then yes. Dressing room not so much.

Monger Video of the Day

I’ll leave you to watching the video now. Enjoy this rare monger video of the day. It’s a treat and I hope you all like it.