That’s right! It’s a monger video of the day! First one in a long time. I think I have discussed that I am going to Thailand? If not it is a reminder that I leave tomorrow to my spiritual home.

Soi 6

The magic that is Soi 6 is inevitable! While it’s changed over the years that I have been going to Thailand it’s still one of the easiest places to get laid in Pattaya.

Soi 6 is 54 or so bars that cater to short time encounters. Go in, select a girl and get fucked. 1000 Baht all in. It’s the greatest place on earth for a monger like me.

There Has Been Change

When I first started going to Thailand Soi 6 was as sleazy as it came. You could get a blowjob in the bar. Finger bang a girl and basically molest the shit out of them for the cost of a lady drink.

Soi 6 now is more of a party place. The raunchy stuff has become a thing of memories because the bars have been converted into open facing bars. So there is no dark corners now to get your freak on.

Still Good Times!

Video Time

The video says Soi 6 daytime but don’t believe that. Sure it’s daylight but Soi 6 doesn’t really get hopping till about 4 PM which is when I am guessing the bulk of this has been shot. While you can go in at Noon or so, you are better off going to Soi Honey or hitting Soi Chaiyapoon for a “massage”.