I got accused of a lame post for the monger video of the day on Tuesday by Lonesome Traveler. I will freely admit that it wasn’t my finest moment. My excuse remains valid in that I was sick as hell and just wanted to curl up into a ball and not move. Still, I soldiered on and attempted to put something coherent together but even I can admit failure. One learns from failure or some bullshit. So I figured I redeem myself with something the Jizz Master – Lonesome Traveler will appreciate.

I came across this video while checking out new torrents and I figured what the fuck, it may make monger video of the day material again. I am leery about uploading videos because of the bandwidth with them and fucking free porn whores just downloading the shit out of them but this one is small and I don’t plan on making a practice of it.

You see, Lonesome Traveler is notorious for jizzing down his whore-du jour’s and then photographing them for his viewing pleasure and periodically sharing them with a select few. His trademark is “I’d Jizz It”. While I don’t believe he has jizzed any of the ladies in this video a man of his mercurial tastes will find some interest and hopefully buy me redemption in his eyes.

So enjoy this rare hardcore monger video of the day and all its jizzalicousness (that a word?)