I really am not feeling well as I write this. I spent the day half asleep with some mysterious illness. Weird thing is I felt fine until later Sunday night and just figured I had some allergies. I woke up to feeling like complete and total shit.

With that all out of the way I am going to launch into the reason for the monger video of the day. I found this while posting another video in the forums and then I watched it long enough to go fuck me. These 3 idiots are prime examples of what not to do when you go to Tijuana. The biggest part was when they were fucking with the street prostitutes. Sure they were fuglies and I would not fuck them with any of you degenerates dicks, you just don’t do that. They are trying to earn some money. Respect that. Don’t sit there and fuck with them endlessly just to feel superior about your own pathetic ass.

So sorry there is no nudity or anything else use this as an example of what not to do! I’m going back to the couch and pray for death to take me.