I am afraid to post this monger video of the day. It may kill a loyal reader. That’s right, I think Mucho Gusto might die if he see’s this. You see, Mucho Gusto is a breast man. Not any breast man like me, he likes them big. If there was a song called I Like Big Breast’s it would be Mucho Gusto’s theme song. He likes them that much.

So when I saw this monger video of the day I instantly thought of Mucho Gusto. This woman has some very large fun bags. Her name is Farmin Britt and her think is she owns/works on a farm and she has huge tits. They just happen to swing free when she is doing farm chores. In this video it’s washing her truck in a white shirt. I mean, doesn’t every large chested woman do that? Of course!

Where I fear things will go bad for Mucho Gusto is that he will watch this video and his heart will explode or he will stroke out from large tit overload. I think that will be a much more peaceful way for him to go. It’s likely how he wants it anyways. No, what I fear is that Mucho Gusto will drop out of society and start stalking this poor woman in an unhealthy way. Becoming a homeless vagabond that stands on the edge of her farm staring with intense eyes and his hands in his pockets while mumbling “oh my god” repeatedly. His unkept hair and beard growing entwined with his chest hair preventing him from moving his neck in any direction other than straight. So when he follows poor Farmin Britt it will either be with his eyes or his whole body since his neck can’t turn anymore. Eventually a restraining order will be gotten against him. He will violate it and will end up in some hellish small town jail and will be used by Deputy Jethro as his personal squeal like a pig toy.

Alas, the scenario above is what I fear will happen because I shared this monger video of the day.

For the rest of you enjoy the serious funbags on this woman. I know its not full on porn that you pervs are used to but it’s a nice change of pace and trust me, if you skipped around on the video you will get to see what you want.