This monger video of the day opens with a girl doing things to a dildo¬†that make me jealous of the the dildo.¬†From there she goes on to prove that the vibrator isn’t the only thing she can swallow. This girl gets face fucked with spit and slobber going everywhere along with some periodic ball licking to prove she’s a total slut. The guy then goes on to pound her ass while she takes the previously aforementioned dildo and fucks the shit out of her pussy. We end with her going to an ass to mouth blow job with spunk ending all over her face. To wit, the girl is a total freak and therefore monger video of the day worthy.

If I was to describe a PSE or porn star experience to a non-monger or a new monger, I would just say skip it, load this monger video of the day up and say watch it. Odds are she’s faking the shit out of it for the camera but fuck it, so good who cares and its all about the experience anyways. There isn’t a monger out there that hasn’t had a PSE. I’m not talking about when some girl moans her way through the entire session but is obviously not into it. I’m talking about the total slut that moans her way through the entire session while getting progressively freakier as you go. The wilder the better and it isn’t about romance or the illusion that its your girl friend. It’s like being a fucking porn start and god damn its good when its done right.

So enjoy the monger video of the day.