Did I mention I miss Thailand? Of course I did. What the fuck was I thinking? So to celebrate the fact I miss Thailand I am going to post a Thai girl getting plowed in every hole she has. The only thing I question about this video is the guy wearing a condom. In Thailand I get offered sex without it more than with it. Having learned from that little adventure and pissing fire for a few days taught me the lesson that condoms are good. Still, this girl is a trooper. We got salad tossing, facials, anal sex and more! She supposedly works at a gogo and considering her tattoos she likely does. A glorious chrome pole dancers from one of the many gogos that abound in the Land of Smiles. Pick a girl staring into space or talking to her friends, or Buddha forbid, one trying to entice you and just call her number which they conveniently pin to their “uniform” and then entice her over (Well not really she will move faster then shit through a goose) to your seat for a drink. If you find that you click and feel like you can discuss the political/social situation in the Ukraine then offer to pay her barfine and she too can be yours for a however long you feel like discussing the Ukrainian crisis. You might even get on well enough to engage in activities in this video (really its a gimmie).

I’m not saying all gogo girls will do this. To be honest, most won’t but hey, its not like you don’t have thousands to select from. Find one that won’t put out just move on to the next. You are out a barfine and a few thousand Baht. No! You cry. Thats a waste of money. Well, to be honest how many of you are pulling hot chicks at home? Likely none and really a few dollars/pounds/euros is nothing so suck it up and find one that will do the freaky shit you like. It’s half of the fun of wading through gogos if you are into that type of thing.

If you haven’t figured it out. I’m not a fan of gogos. Sure I lost my Thai cherry to a gogo girl named Chicken (true) and I spent my first few trips enthralled by them I learned to hate them due to music that sucked and my annoyance at watching girls really do nothing other than barely move while gripping a chrome pole. If I could tolerate that I guess with my shit Thai I too could really do what is going on in this video but to be honest you have a better chance of finding me in a beer bar or some expat dive then in a gogo. I have standards! Still, I can enjoy the monger video of the day I bet some of you degenerates do too.