So I was talking to the resident chest hair groomer and expert, Mucho Gusto who was filling me in on his trip Thailand. He basically has Thai pussy withdrawal. Considering he goes every 10 to 15 years (really every 2 or 3 years) I can see how that happens. He was lamenting the fact that while he loves Latin America nothing beats Thailand, in particular Pattaya. I guess he felt the need to preach to the choir concerning the beautiful women readily available. The sheer volume of selection. The sheer volume of shit to do and see. The sheer scale of all that is Pattaya. He raved about the beer bars, the massage parlors, the soapy massage parlors, the gogos. Shit. He raved about everything. As the designated choir I sang along and gave him a amen periodically. He was consumed by the spirit. The mongering spirit that is. So as Revered Mucho Gusto wanted to show me the way (even if I have way more time in Pattaya then he ever will) I figured I be cruel or nice depending and show him what he’s missing for the princely sum of 2000 Baht ($60 give or take) with this monger video of the day.

You see, this is a typical gogo dancer in Pattaya. Pay her barfine of 500 to 1000 Baht and give her 2000 Baht and she’s yours for the evening. Treat her like she and she will bail on you. Treat decent and you will find yourself waking up next to this beautiful girl for mandatory morning boom boom(TM). You see, this is why I love Pattaya and Thai girls. Its not that I feel the need to participate all the time but its the thought of knowing that I can wander into a gogo and score someone that looks like her. Don’t find one in the current gogo I’m in, I’ll walk 10 meters to the next gogo. Rinse and repeat until you find the one you want. Short of Buddhist holidays or Royal holidays you can find a stunner like this with ease.

So Mucho Gusto for you buddy I give you the monger video of the day. Really, no snark intended, enjoy Costa Rica and Colombia now knowing that $60 and one like this in every gogo that is 10 meters apart could be yours. Then again, I guess waiting every 10 years makes it worth it.