I know I have been posting the porn stuff recently but sometimes real life is better for a monger video of the day. I’ll let the write up and video below speak for the incident. I know Mucho Gusto was in town when this happened. Maybe he was the man using the pepper spray. Oh, for those that are inquiring, I am VERY familiar with the Solo Club. It’s not a ladyboy bar so skip it and if you are that ignorant and you don’t know Soi 6 then move along. The Mamasan interview, Big Daddy may have hit it and said she was damn good. There is even a monger pic of the day from this bar. As for damages incurred, the word on the Soi is 66,000 Baht.

 On Wednesday afternoon, Police were forced to arrest a Polish man for his own safety after he self-harmed and threw items over a 3rd floor balcony above a Soi 6 Bar.

The incident occurred above and in front of the Solo Club and involved Mr. Denis Leszek aged 43 who was staying in a 3rd floor apartment above the bar and according to one of the bar workers he had checked in 24 hours before the incident.
It was also revealed that he was seen taking a Ladyboy up to his room along with a foreign friend. An altercation took place between the Ladyboy and Mr. Leszek, during which time it is alleged that Mr. Leszek tried to hit him. The other man in the apartment produced a pepper spray canister and sprayed it at the pair in an attempt to stop the fight.

At this point Mr. Leszek became enraged and began to destroy items inside the apartment. He also cut himself on the arm and threw items out of his apartment window onto the street below.

As bystanders witnessed the altercation from the ground floor, they were shocked to see Mr. Leszek throw himself over his balcony. He fell onto a 2nd floor balcony and then onto the road below and appeared to have suffered no significant injuries.

Mr. Leszek then went back up to his apartment and continued to throw items onto the road. At this point, Police arrived and arrested Mr. Leszek just as his long-term partner, Khun Pachana aged 28 arrived and appeared unsurprised at his actions and claimed he had cheated on Khun Pachana, who is also a Ladyboy, on other occasions.

Mr. Leszek was taken to Hospital with Khun Pachana at his side as the Police investigation into the incident continues at this time.