The lap dance. The quintessential strip club experience. The almost fuck that just teases you until you go home with blue balls and jerk off or offer some outrageous sum of money to fuck a stripper in a chair in a rushed and hurried experience. I guess you can brag that you fucked a stripped but to each their own. Now, if you take that experience of the lap dance and ┬ábring it home and offer struggling students, broke women, or single moms the opportunity to do the same thing in your own home it seems genius. Throw in someone recording the experience on video and you got the monger video of the day. What the monger video of the day is nothing but some guy who throws up ads in his local community offering cash for a laptop dance in his home. It seems a brilliant idea and I support it. Its better then pissing away the money in a strip club. The guy doesn’t always get laid and the girls aren’t always the hottest but its real. So enjoy the monger video of the day.