We return to the massage for the monger video of the day. This one is a bit of a twist to it. It’s definitely a sensual massage and its definitely two women engaging in it. Only one gets naked and I think it makes it rather interesting. We all know a lot of porn is fake shit with lots of lame ass moaning. Then there is the amateur porn that suddenly has a camera man and professional lighting. In the same category you have the amateur porn show in piss poor lighting with awful camera angles. This is the combo of a professional lighting and camera work with a a woman professionally doing the work in the video and another really into being the recipient. It’s longer than the normal monger video of the day clocking in at just over 40 minutes and the file size is a bit larger than others but I have attempted to encode it for easy playback. So take the time to watch it and enjoy the monger video of the day.


For those of you that had problems I re-encoded the video. Should be good now.