If there is a monger video of the day that was shot by a monger this is it. It’s almost painful to watch because its so mechanical and the guy just lays back and does pretty much nothing and the girl just goes through the motions of getting the guy off. All mongers have a session where the girl goes mechanical on you. You try and make the best of the situation and go with it. Sometimes, if she is hot you can just plow through it, other times its time to pull the eject lever and just move on. Now on a blowjob, you can just kind lay back and close your eyes and let nature run its course because you will get a nut unless you are completely turned off. So maybe it was this session, but I doubt I would have recorded it and shared it with the rest of the world. I guess to each their own. So enjoy the monger video of the day and cringe if you feel like it.