This is from the Big Daddy “I fucked her but don’t remember her” collection.  This was from his first night in Prague where he was obliterated drunk and I had to keep hearing about Big Daddy Overdrive and 5th gear because he was loaded on Captain Morgan and Diet Coke.  Normally I’m the obnoxious drunken one but he hit the magical trifecta of drunk, jet lagged, and horny which caused him to lose his fucking mind.  The last I saw of him was when I threw 6000 Crowns at his ass and me heading back to my room.  If you all are good I’ll relay this story.  Until then here is the girl.  The message written on her anatomy is subject to authenticity. The authenticity of this photo has been verified by photography experts to be completely legitimate and not photoshopped.  My apologies to Big Daddy for questioning his monger integrity.