I return with the monger pic of the day! This is for you all who are the lover of bush out there.

Mower Required

For you lovers of the bush this is your type of image, personally I prefer them shaved and smooth and not in need of a lawn mower to get to the good parts.

I honestly never understood why guys like the bush and in Asia you can find it more readily than in any other part of the world. You guys who like them farm fresh, it must turn you on to see a girl with a hairy bush and having basically no idea what to do in bed because she’s used to a Thai guy pounding her missionary.

Give me a slutty, tatted up girl that knows what she is doing any day of the week.

Speaking Of Shaving

This goes into female grooming versus male grooming. Honestly, women have it much easier then us men. They are working on a flat surface, a guy has a ball sack to deal with.

When I see a girl with a huge bush I’m like what the hell?! Look honey, if I can shave this nut sack you spend 5 minutes with a razor and take care of business down there. No excuse for that mess.

Monger Pic Of The Day

So it is without further ado, you lovers of the bush here is your wish. Enjoy pulling hair out of your teeth and scraping your nuts on that.