I am back from the Philippines and happily back in Monger Travels HQ. This will be the last Pinay monger pic of the day because really, I can’t stand there.

It’s Not Them

Let me clarify right now the women over there are hot. It’s the rest of the country that just sucks balls. It’s a shithole to be honest. When Cambodia can boast better infrastructure there tells you that there is a problem.

Either every club was using cell jammers which is highly doubtful, or their cell service sucks. My friend who lives there clarified that no, the cell service sucks. It got to the point even SMS messages weren’t going if you sat in the wrong place in the bar.

I won’t even get into traffic and just road congestion and conditions. Let me just say it I left at 3PM for a 8:15PM flight and we arrived at the airport at 5:30PM. The last hour of that was strictly getting through Manila.

Not To Reveal Too Much

I’m not going to reveal too much more in this post, I’ll reserve that for Friday. Of course my flight was slightly delayed because 3 fucktards luggage was on the flight but they weren’t so we had to wait for them to get the luggage off the plane. Nothing moves fast in the Philippines except finding a way to drain the money out of your pockets.

Was supposed to land at 10:15, we landed at 11. The bus to the terminal and then VIP through Immigration. One thing I will say about BKK luggage, they don’t fuck around, it moves quickly. Got my luggage and then escorted out of customs and was gone. My driving service now has a lady handling bookings onsite. She calls the driver and you walk out to your taxi. Kinda sucked waiting a few extra minutes but you don’t have to fuck around the few extra minutes of the parking garage.

I looked at the clock in car when we left BKK at it was 11:50PM. I was in front of my condo building at 1AM on the dot. Normally it’s a 90 minute run but no traffic and a steady 110km/h we made good time.

Monger Pic Of The Day

Enjoy the final Pinay as the monger pic of the day. I won’t be returning anytime soon. That you can count on. I’ll recap as promised tomorrow.