In honor of my impending trip to the Philippines it’s going to be Pinay week for the monger pic of the day!


Pinay isn’t exactly a word recognized in a dictionary. Technically all Filipino’s are call Pinoy but for a female version most use Pinay. There ends the language lesson for the day.

What is interesting about Pinay’s is that their blood is so mixed it’s hard to tell. You got Spanish, American, and Polynesian all mixed together to form what a typical Filipino looks like. Want the Spanish look got you covered, all the way down to the big booty. The tiny Asian spinner is there as well along with enough US servicemen genes to give it all an interesting flavor.

I should point out that this is around Angeles City. Sure some of the girls come from other provinces but still, your average Filipino is ethnically Spanish and Polynesian.

Why The Philippines

There are few redeeming qualities about the Philippines and Angeles City in particiular. I am meeting a friend who I have mentioned here before, the Scottish Rover and to quote him from our conversation on Monday concerning Angeles, “it’s still a shithole”, lets me know little has changed in that fine country.

I am going just to get out of Pattaya for a bit. The one thing I can say about the Pinay’s is that it’s usually a full GFE experience once you warm them up and get them going. It’s also the same place I went with 20 condoms and came back with 18 and the 2 that were lost were due to just being opened and never used or used for like a minute.

Gotta love a Catholic country and mandatory testing for bargirls.

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado here is the monger pic of the day. She’s no stunner but hey, it’s not about looks its about performance. So I’m looking forward to my time in Angeles City. I’m there long enough to enjoy it before I start to hate it and question my sanity.