Now that I have a working computer, clearly since I posted yesterday here is a monger pic of the day that got missed earlier.

Bangkok Girls

There is always a running debate in Thailand where the hottest girls are. Is it Pattaya or is it Bangkok? With 90 minutes of each other I don’t think it really matters and here is why. They pretty much all come from Issan, Northern Thailand. So the talent pool is coming from the same place.

So the argument that the girls in one place or the other are hotter is rather irrelevant. It’s comes down to a matter of taste and what you like. If you prefer the big city then Bangkok is your destination of choice. If you prefer the weird beach town feel then Pattaya is more your speed.

For the curious, I’m firmly in the weird beach town feel even though you never see my ass on the beach.

Celibacy In Bangkok

While I had intentions of getting laid in Bangkok it just didn’t happen. I wrote about that yesterday. I just had the girl that was with me leave, I was fucked out and emotionally wiped out. Instead of moping around when the offer to go to Bangkok was there it seemed like a good idea.

It wasn’t from lack of stunners of even the eye watering barfines, there are tons of freelancers standing around Nana Plaza I am sure I could have cut a deal. Just wasn’t in the mood. After spending those precious few days with the lady friend I just wasn’t in the mood. Instead I focused on just people watching and drinking and hanging out with Lonesome Traveler and the others.

So I didn’t partake but it’s not like I don’t live in Pattaya and can’t walk out my front door and get laid within minutes.

Monger Pic Of The Day

So here is a fine example of a Bangkok girl for the monger pic of the day. Can you spot the difference between her and say a Pattaya girl? I highly doubt it! As I said, come from the same area – Issan.