This monger pic of the day is a bit different. I like it because it shows progression. Hence, why you are seeing it. Also sticks to the white girl theme.

The Reveal

I think there is something sexy about seeing a woman take her clothes off. You get to see the goods that are underneath the clothes. In Thailand a lot of the mystery is resolved instantly because generally Thais don’t wear concealing clothes as a rule.

The one issue I had in Latin America, Costa Rica in particular is one minute the girl is looking great, the next the pants come off and you get this giant muffin top exploding out of her pants. You are like holy shit! How were you breathing during all this?

Was dreadful.

Still Something Sexy

When you see a woman naked for the first time there is still something sexy about it. You finally get to see the goods. Doesn’t matter if you are paying for it or getting it for free. You get to see something you haven’t seen before and it’s like unwrapping a gift.

It doesn’t matter if they do it themselves or if you do it for them. It’s just personally exciting for me. I am like finally! I get to see the total package and what its’s going to look like. Then the fun begins!

Might seem weird but its part of the allure of mongering, to get to see something new every day.

Monger Pic of the Day

This brings us to the monger pic of the day. You go from dressed to fully nude. I think it’s sexy and a bit different twist. Then again, I still love seeing the girl I am wifed up with get naked and I have been with her a long time. Still exciting to me.

We all have our fetishes, guess this one is one of mine!