I finally got my guest to leave after spending nearly 2 days fucking my brains out. There became a point where I was like I need sleep. Has nothing to do with the monger pic of the day but wanted to share.

Fake Tits

My guest did have fake tits which is ironic because normally I don’t really go for them. I gotta tell you, they felt great in my hands but then again, she was so into what ever that it was cool. Normally fake tits are hard but her’s were nice and soft. Sure you could feel the bags up underneath but her nipples were sensitive as hell. Loved to have them pulled on while dining at the Y.

I guess it depends on the tits and how much the girl paid for them. This one paid a good doctor. They were great and ever so much fun to play with.

Shower Time

One of the things you get used to in Thailand is the pre and post shower boom boom. In this case, there was a pre-shower boom where I slipped and fell while she was trying to shove my cock into her. Reality is you just do it over here. In Latin America I never found it to be an issue. In South East Asia it seems to be a requirement. You don’t do shit without showering first.

Interesting note, on vetting a girl, if she showers with you likely going to be a good session. If she goes in alone, you hear the door lock and and she comes walking out with a towel wrapped around her, then well, it’s not going to go well. Not saying it can’t change, just as a rule it tends to mean a less than stellar session awaits you.

Monger Pic of the Day

The proceeding paragraphs lead me to the monger pic of the day. This girl is in the shower and has fake tits. Gotta love a girl that will allow you to take a photo of her naked in the shower. That means good things are about to happen when it comes time for the main event.