As promised yesterday since I have entered my senior years, here is the monger pic of the day that I missed due to me not posting Wednesday.

The School Girl Outfit

Maybe because I am jaded or have seen it so much I never really got excited by the entire school girl outfit thing. I’m like, big deal, it’s a short skirt and a shirt. How is it that different that standard hooker wear?

I get the fantasy aspect but the reality is that they are going to get naked in the room unless you tell them to keep it on. I do know a guy who barfined a girl and went, no keep it on we are going out with you dressed like that. Gotta respect that. Otherwise, whats is the point?

All Kinds Of Outfits

In Pattaya there is always some kind of outfit thing going on. Personally I prefer them dressed somewhat normal, enough flesh on display to make it interesting, but otherwise why bother?

I stand by the fact, I could be horribly jaded and just don’t really care anymore. To me, if I am going to fuck, I am going to fuck. Not worried if she is wearing some outfit or not. It’s meaningless because she’s going to get naked because I sure as fuck ain’t holding out for her to stay dressed while I bang her.

Not crapping on the outfit thing if that’s what you are into then have at it. Me? Give me normal then give me naked.

Monger Pic of the Day

Without further ado, here is the delayed monger pic of the day. Enjoy the school girl outfit if that is your thing. If not, she’s fucking hot and I would gladly do her outfit or not.