Since I have checked out of Songkran I’ll return to our normally scheduled monger pic of the day material.

Give Me Spinner

For the record I’ll pretty much stick my dick into most Thai girls. To be honest, performance matters more than looks to me anymore. If you know she is going to be good who really cares. I rather bang a solid 5 than a stuck up 10. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a preference.

I am a spinner lover for some reason. I usually find them tighter. I remember banging one girl who I have lost touch with over the years and damn she was the tightest thing ever until the Ban Chang girl I nailed recently.

Look, I don’t know if its because they are so damn small things are tighter or what but there is something about their pussies that just grip your dick and make you blow a load. It’s one of the few constants I have found in the mongering world.

Getting Harder To Come By

Shockingly enough they are getting harder to come by here in Thailand. You would think they are easy to find but they are no. The issue is Thailand has full access to Western food and one of their favorites is McDonalds and KFC.

Take into account that Thai cooking itself isn’t the world’s healthiest cooking with tons of MSG tossed in for shits and giggles and the small bottles of seasoning around the table is chili flakes, chili oil, chili something else, and sugar.

Thais love the sweat and hot flavor and will gladly dump a load of sugar on their food along with a load of chili. It’s the nature of the beast. I don’t question it but personally avoid the sugar part because it makes no damn sense.

Monger Pic of the Day

So that brings us the monger pic of the day who is clearly a spinner. I’m sure she eats just as much crap as the rest of her Thai sisters but likely has the metabolism to shake it off. God knows, no such thing as a skinny gogo dancer because that would imply doing more than just standing there shaking their hips to a song only they can hear and staring into space. Whatever the case may be, this is a rarity.