Dear Buddha please help me not to kill anyone and why this monger pic of the day may lead me killing people.

It’s Fucking Songkran

This is my first Songkran here in Thailand. I have avoided it religiously because I have seen the carnage and want no part of it. Seriously getting ice cold water dumped on you by the bucket load sucks. Then getting smacked with powder on your face is just fucking fabulous right?


I stupidly left my camera in a bar because the plan was to do more shooting. Well, I have to do something at a different bar so I went to pick up my camera. Biggest fucking mistake of my life. Technically, Songkran is the 13th-19th. Not on Soi 6 it isn’t. Shit started today.

Wet And Powdery Suck

I no sooner turned on to Soi 6 when I got nailed with a bucket of a ice water. We are talking full on freezing cold, holy shit that shocked me. Traffic was absolutely jammed and wasn’t moving even with a bike and weaving through. This mean I repeatedly got hit with water be it from a water gun or a bucket or a fucking hose.

The highlight was the asshole farang that got me while I was throttling up to move which caused my hand to slip and give it too much gas. Luckily not panicking I just released the throttle and applied the brakes. I turned to him and went are you fucking stupid? While I’m throttling up, I almost hit the car in front of me. He just laughed.

After that a girl soaks me with a bucket of water then slaps me with powder going jup jup. Which means kiss in Thai. Went thanks. While really thinking I hate you.

It took me a good 10 minutes to maybe go 700 meters. When I finally got to where I needed to be I was literally dripping wet. Walking into the bar one of the girls dumped a bucket of water on me after I asked her not. Funny? Fuck that!

I just dripped all over the floor while getting my camera. Chucked it into a trash bag and then rung out my shirt over the barrel of water and ventured forth. I made it about 1 meter before I got more water dumped on me.

Was never so happy to get off that soi in my life after that.

Monger Pic of the Day

Which brings us to the monger pic of the day. While there is no nudity, just a hint of what goes on at Songkran provided you don’t mind getting soaked and covered in powder. One thing to keep in mind, with all that water, you see the girls in all their no makeup glory. Some look good, others scare the living shit out of you. I’ll do Songkran one day then the rest of the time, I am officially in hiding.